Welcome Nawei and Nia

Nawei Sun has joined the Willsey Lab as a postdoctoral fellow. She recently completed her PhD in Genetics at Rutger’s University in the lab of Jay Tischfield. Nawei has a wealth of experience in tissue culture and iPSCs, and will leverage this expertise to interrogate Tourette disorder risk genes that our lab has identified via whole exome sequencing.

Nia Teerikorpi has also started a rotation in the Willsey Lab. Nia is a graduate student in the Tetrad program who formerly worked in Michael Rape’s lab at UC Berkeley where she helped characterize protein-protein interactions involving CUL3, an autism-associated gene. Nia will be working on several projects, including identifying protein-protein interactions among autism genes, as well as utilizing CRISPR-based genetics techniques to understand the consequences of heterozygous mutations in autism genes.

For more information on the Willsey Lab roster, see our Personnel page.

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